Thursday, April 12, 2007

Review: BestMed Digital Temple Thermometer

I was a little skeptical of this device at first. But it has definitely won me over. My daughter has had a little fever the past couple of days. And after several times of using the rectal thermometer, we decided to pick up this digital thermometer. You just push the button, wait 3 seconds while it adjusts to room temperature, then it beeps and you stick it to your (or your child's) temple. About 6 seconds later, it beeps again and you have a reading. I know that these external ones aren't as accurate as rectal or oral, but I have to tell you that the convenience of the immediate reading on an infant without any fuss and undressing a sick baby is amazing. My daughter doesn't seem to mind at all having it on her temple. Our philosophy is that if it shows more than a low-grade temp, we can then use the rectal.

Plus, I've enjoyed just taking my temperature because of how easy it is!

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Anonymous said...

We're using the BestMed temple thermometer and we struggle with the ranges of temperature readings we get ... ranging +/- 3 degrees. Is that normal?