Thursday, April 12, 2007


There are new photos of Inara up at

These photos are from January - April. Wow, I can't believe it's been that long since I've uploaded photos of her. We used to do that every month or so.

The last time I wrote about her, she was cruising. Well, no more. She is walking now. And not just little steps and falling. She's walking all over the place. When we bring her outside, she just needs to get down so she can walk. When we bring her to the park, she climbs up the stairs and wanders all around on the playground equipment. It's amazing. And of course, when we chase after her, she picks up speed to get away from us.

We recently installed a couple sheets of rubber flooring on our concrete patio for her. She has a rocking horse out there, and she likes to just wander around. This way, when she falls, she'll hit the rubber, which is much software than the concrete. She has spent the last three days out there as much as we let her. We just leave the patio door open now, and she wanders in and out at will.

Unfortunately, she's also had a fever the past couple days. It never fails, we put her in the nursery on Sunday, by Tuesday she has a cold or something. Other than that she's extremely healthy. Today she seems to have gotten over it, so she's back to her chipper self.

Next week is her big day - first birthday! Amy's parents are flying in, her brothers are driving, and of course my parents live her now. We're inviting a couple of the kids she plays with over and we're going to have a birthday party for her (also provoking us to install the flooring mentioned above.) Looking forward to that. I guess I'll have to post some pictures...

What new baby tricks can she do... We can now ask her how old she is, and she'll hold up one finger. We're trying to teach her to blow out her candle. If we tell her to do it, she'll blow, but when I put a lit candle in front of her, she's mesmerized by it. So, she doesn't blow. But, as soon as I take it away, she blows again. We'll see if she gets it in time. She also recently learned how to blink. We were just making faces at her, and then she started scrunching up her face. Now if we tell her to blink, she'll blink her eyes and make a really cute face. It's adorable (though, impossible to get a picture of.) She loves to clap and dance. If I ask her where her Veggie Tales are, she'll point to them and start clapping and dancing, because she loves the music. This is not really that amazing, until you realize that she only watches 1 Veggie Tales movie a week. And that's all the TV she gets. But she understands that special time.

As I mentioned she has a rocking horse, and she is really good at rocking it. She gets this huge smile on her face and just starts rocking back and forth. I swear it looks like she's going to flip over. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

We're also going to dedicate her at church the week after next. We talked about this for a while, and decided we wanted to make The Journey in Cary our home, and we figured it would be nice to present her to the church on her first birthday.

As for me, I've off from work for a few weeks. It's nice to be home during the day with her, usually I miss her during this time and only get evenings and brief mornings.

So that's the quick overview of our lives. Now, Inara wants you to go enjoy those beautiful baby pictures.

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