Thursday, April 12, 2007

Done with my .Net project

In an interesting turn of events, we got a call from our client that was having us do .Net work asking us to stop. Apparently there's some kind of political movement afoot, and our product was no longer going to be needed. Of course, this happened with one week left to go. So basically we worked out a deal where the client would get some consulting time to make up for the last week of work, and we still got paid.

Overall, I like the .Net framework. I especially loved the GridView stuff. They definitely made it easy to wire in the database and allow you to add/edit/delete (ie: CRUD) with no difficulty whatsoever. Having done that by hand previously, I really appreciated it.

I'd like to do another .Net project if the opportunity came along. Preferably C#, so I could actually use some of the tools like Resharper. I don't feel I've spent enough time with it to make an unbiased decision about how much I like/dislike .Net.

So, now that I've got a few weeks off between gigs, I'm playing with Ruby on Rails. I can say without a doubt, I love RoR.

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