Friday, March 16, 2007

Oracle on Intel Mac

Very disappointing, Oracle. I have been doing Oracle development for the past 7 years. I've finally decided it was time to install it on my beautiful, shiny (literally) Intel Mac; one more nail in the coffin of my Wintel box.

So, I grab Oracle 9i Release 2, Developer Release for Mac OS X. I chose 9i, because that's what my current client is using, so I figured I'd try to be compatible. It installs just fine, then when I go to bring up the server - I get a shared library error. After googling for a while, I determine that running 9i on a Mac is a waste of time.

Okay, how about 10g, release 1, which also has a Mac release? Download that - can't even run the install for that one. Some more googling, and it looks like installing Oracle on the Intel Macs is not supported at this time.

Thankfully, I have Parallels, so now I'm installing Oracle on the Windows side of things, so at least I can get my database up and running.

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John Q Public said...

since your original post didn't permit comments, i figgered i'd leave one here on a tech-ish post.

first, we read this junk because we would otherwise find ourselves having to work and that's the worst thing i can think of doing to earn a paycheck.

second, C# and VB.NET are essentially the same language since they poke the framework in the same ways. you're stuck with an unfortunate syntax since most java-like work is done in C#. you should, however, be able to do a direct translation of C# examples.